From: John Dignan- Founder and Senior Engineer at Ag-Tester

Ag-Tester was founded in 2014 following the sale of my Precision Ag- Electronics Dealership, Agri-Tech. Since 1976 I’ve worked in agricultural electronics, owning small companies with field technicians. Over those years I found that the tools haven’t been available to allow technicians to properly diagnose and repair ag field electronics. I set of to build those tools!

The company tag line is “solutions for the ag-technology specialist”. The goal of the company is to give the technology specialist, “the guy that has to make it work in the field” the tools he needs to isolate trouble, identify the problem and fix it fast. That helps the supplier, the troubleshooter and the end user. The tools are unique in their design and not available anywhere else today.

The initial product line has included hand held testers and valve drivers. We’re small enough to build custom projects. In our third year we designed and built the CT1000 cable harness tester in response to a request from Kinze Manufacturing. Additional products are being developed based on requests from dealers and manufacturers.

All of our products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Venedocia, Ohio.

Feel free at any time to contact us by email or phone.

Thank You for your interest!

John Dignan