Ag-Tester is bringing to the marketplace a new line of diagnostic tools at the Info-Ag program in St. Louis MO., coming up in late July.

The company tag line is “solutions for the ag-technology specialist”. The goal of the company is to give the technology specialist, “the guy that has to make it work in the field” the tools he needs to isolate trouble, identify the problem and fix it fast. That helps the supplier, the troubleshooter and the end user. The tools are unique in their design, and not available anywhere else today.

The initial product line includes hand held testers and simulators. Long haul the company will offer connectors, electronic maintenance chemicals, cable ties, tools and other support materials needed every day by the ag-technology specialist.

The hand-held testers literally check any rate control valve, boom and section control valve along with sensors ranging from liquid flow meters to hydraulic pressure sensors and rate sensors used in dry product application and planter rate controls.

The S1000 simulator acts as a simulator to work in conjunction with any manufacturers system. Trimble, Raven, Case, Deere and Ag-Leader all have their own CAN based controllers. Ag-Tester simulators allow the controller to appear as if in the field, from an office environment. Technicians can get up to speed on new software, Sales forces can use it to show functionality to new users, or the S1000 can be used in the field to do start up training with new users.

Info-Ag is the “First Public Showing” of the product line. We’ll be offering discount packages with pre-production orders. We expect to be in full production by September, 2014. “agtester.com” coming on line soon!