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I started writing Tech Notes for Dealer Progress in 1996 after meeting Dan Bellanger, Ad Director at Meister Media at the Info Ag Show in 1995 or 96. They were the group that put on the Info Ag as they are today. Over the time I wrote it was a great relationship to be a part of. They were the most progressive publication devoted to the new ag-technologies and I was on the front line of making it happen in the field!

The Tech Notes columns were written to the guy in the field that had to make the technology work. I remember my old friend Elliott Nowels calling me every issue saying I’m late with the column again! I’d get stuck! What do I write about?

He would say “what are you seeing in the field?” “That’s what we want.”

That’s what these columns are all about. What’s fun today in scanning and reviewing these almost 20 year old materials is that “it’s all true today”. Or interesting to see how it’s changed.


I left the advertising as it was and credits are shown to the right. Thought you might get a kick out of seeing high tech in the late 1990s!

The Tech Notes Columns are great classroom training idea makers for educators. When I was writing the column, every issue I would hear from high schools and colleges wanting to use the material in the classroom. As then I say help yourself!

You can copy or download the material, of course giving John Dignan/ the credit.

We will have soon the ability to offer a full copy on CD or USB drive with classroom suggestions per topic. Some charge involved.

Let us know what you think of the Tech Notes Columns and keep an eye on the trade magazines for the 2015 version. I’ll let you know what magazine I settle on.

Thanks so much for your interest!

John Dignan
Senior Engineer and Founder at Ag-Tester


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