SC-4 Section Controller

Introducing the SC-4 Section Control System


Fully Compatible with Ag-Leader Sure-Stop, Sure-Vac and other clutches.

The SC-4 was developed addressing three primary needs.

  1. Control small planters. SC-4 can handle 8 individual row clutches in 4 sections.
  2. Control outside rows on big planters for manual overlap compensation.
  3. Control individual rows to allow for Tram Lines to be created.

The SC-4 provides a simple, easy to install and operate method of switching Row or Section control clutches manually. Up to 8 clutches can be controlled in 4 sections.

There are 5 switches on the SC-4. A Master On/Off and 4 section switches. When power is applied, the Master LED lights green.

The section switches stay inactive until the Master Switch is activated.

When the Master Switch is turned on the master LED turns from green to red and the Section Control Switches become active and ready to engage a clutch or section. The Section LEDs above the section control switches light green.

When there is no power or the Section Control Switches are off, the planter keeps planting as the clutch system is inactive.

When clutches or sections are activated the Section LEDs change from Green to Red alerting the operator the row or section is off.

The SC-4 cabling provides a remote override for the master switch. The user could use a GPS System input or foot switch or a switch on the vehicle console.

The provided 15 foot cable feeds signals to the planter using a 6 pin Weather Pack connector. This will directly interface with many clutch system providers today. Directly connects to Precision Planting row control cables.

The power and control functions connect to the SC-4 through a 9 pin AMP connector. 15 feet of cable is provided to exit the cab. 3 feet from the control display, the power connection is provided. A RAM Mount is provided with the connecting ball as a ¼-20 Male thread. This can be easily adapted to a Suction Mount or U-Bolt Mount or a host of other options.

All SC-4 Section Controllers are fully tested using Ag-Leader Clutches. The SC-4 is easy to troubleshoot. Independent, self- re-setting fuses for each section. Compatible with all clutches.

Go to for any additional manuals and information.

The SC-4 is 100 percent built in Venedocia Ohio by Ag-Tester.

Send a request for additional information to John Dignan at or call 1-419-203-3490.

Warranty- 1 year parts and labor. If you experience an unlikely failure, contact us first then return the unit to Ag-Tester.

18629 Jones Road. Venecocia, Ohio 45894.

We will return it by UPS ground at our expense.